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Healthcare Facility

A healthcare facility was experiencing a shortage of skilled nurses and other healthcare professionals, which was impacting their ability to provide high-quality patient care.

We worked with the facility to develop a customized staffing solution that included a mix of full-time, part-time, and temporary employees, as well as ongoing training and development to ensure that all employees were up to date on the latest industry best practices.

The facility was able to improve patient satisfaction rates, reduce staff burnout, and improve overall quality of care.

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation for Client Global Helpdesk Support: Resource Logistics, Inc. partnered with Client, a global IT organization, to provide staff augmentation services for their helpdesk support team.

The project involved identifying and deploying skilled IT professionals with expertise in troubleshooting network issues, providing software installation instructions, and resolving technical problems. Through a rigorous screening and evaluation process, Resource Logistics, Inc.

Selected qualified candidates who demonstrated technical proficiency and exceptional customer service skills. By augmenting Client IT helpdesk support team with experienced professionals, Resource Logistics, Inc. contributed to enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring prompt resolution of user queries.

Strategic Workforce

Strategic Workforce Planning and Staff Augmentation for Client: Resource Logistics, Inc. collaborated with Client Technologies to undertake a strategic workforce planning and staff augmentation project.

The project aimed to optimize Client workforce by aligning talent acquisition strategies with the company's growth plans and evolving business needs. Resource Logistics, Inc. worked closely with Client's HR and management teams to conduct a thorough analysis of their current workforce, identify skill gaps, and define future staffing requirements.

Based on the findings, Resource Logistics, Inc. developed a comprehensive workforce plan that included strategies for talent acquisition, talent development, and succession planning. Additionally, Resource Logistics, Inc. provided staff augmentation services, sourcing and placing qualified professionals in critical roles to support Client's ongoing projects and operations.

By leveraging their expertise in staffing and workforce planning, Resource Logistics, Inc. helped Client build a high-performing and agile workforce, enabling them to adapt to market demands and drive business success.


Strategic Finance Staffing Solutions for Client: Resource Logistics, Inc. partnered with Client to undertake a strategic finance staffing project.

The objective was to provide Client with the necessary finance professionals to support their growing business and meet their financial objectives. Resource Logistics, Inc. closely collaborated with Financial Engines to understand their specific staffing needs, including positions such as financial analysts, accountants, financial advisors, and compliance specialists.

Through a rigorous screening and evaluation process, Resource Logistics, Inc. identified and recruited qualified finance professionals who possessed the required skills, knowledge, and industry experience.

By leveraging their extensive network and expertise in finance staffing, Resource Logistics, Inc. Successfully matched talented professionals with Client, enabling them to strengthen their finance team and drive financial performance. This project aimed to support Client in achieving their strategic goals and maintaining their position as a leading finance company in the industry.

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