Resource Logistics, Inc. provides comprehensive talent management solutions, including staff augmentation, project and SOW-based deliverables, talent-on-demand, and payroll management.

Resource Logistics, Inc. was founded in 1997, bringing over 25 years of experience in delivering workforce solutions.

We specialize in serving a diverse range of industries, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector.

Yes, we provide staffing solutions for both temporary and permanent positions, ensuring flexibility to meet various hiring requirements.

Our recruitment process involves a meticulous approach, including skills assessments, interviews, and thorough screening to ensure the right fit for our clients.

We distinguish ourselves through our leadership in diverse services, specialized focus on niche talent, and our commitment to cutting-edge technologies.

While our headquarters are in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we provide talent management solutions globally, catering to a wide range of clients.

We maintain a Center of Excellence for key technologies, utilize industry-best VMS tools, and adhere to predetermined SLAs and KPIs, ensuring measurable and efficient results.

Our Center of Excellence specializes in AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Data Science, Big Data, Cloud Applications, Security, Java Full Stack, Dev-Ops, Digital Experience, and more.

Yes, we can provide references and case studies that highlight our successful placements and client satisfaction.

Our fees are structured based on industry standards, commonly as a percentage of the hired candidate's salary or an hourly rate for temporary placements.

Yes, companies can engage with multiple agencies. Clear communication is key to ensure a smooth and effective hiring process.

Yes, we offer guarantees on our placements, providing replacement or refund options if a hired candidate does not meet expectations within a specified period.

The time to fill a position depends on factors such as role complexity, market conditions, and candidate availability. We prioritize efficiency while maintaining quality.

To initiate a partnership, contact us with your hiring needs, and our team will guide you through the process, discuss services, and tailor solutions to meet your requirements.

While headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we provide services globally, serving clients across various geographic locations.

We prioritize ongoing training and professional development for our team, ensuring we stay abreast of industry trends and changes.

Absolutely, we specialize in providing innovative solutions for niche talent, addressing specific and evolving market challenges.

We utilize industry-leading Vendor Management System (VMS) tools such a IQN, Beeline, Flentis, Simplify, and many more to enhance efficiency and streamline the staffing process for optimal results.

Client satisfaction is our priority, and we achieve this through transparent communication, customized solutions, and delivering measurable results aligned with client expectations.

Yes, we cater to a diverse clientele, including mid-size companies to Fortune 1000 enterprises, tailoring our solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Absolutely, we have experience in sourcing and placing candidates for remote or virtual positions, adapting to the evolving landscape of modern work environments.

We adhere to strict confidentiality and data security protocols, ensuring the protection of sensitive information throughout the recruitment process.

Yes, we prioritize compliance with industry regulations and standards, staying updated on changes to ensure our services align with legal requirements.

Yes, we stay at the forefront of emerging industries, providing workforce solutions that align with the evolving needs of niche sectors.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion, implementing strategies to attract and select candidates from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Yes, we offer ongoing support to both clients and placed candidates, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any post-placement needs or concerns.

Our client support goes beyond the recruitment process, offering personalized assistance, timely communication, and a commitment to exceeding client expectations.

We prioritize agility and continuous improvement, allowing us to adapt quickly to market changes and fluctuations in demand, ensuring our clients receive optimal workforce solutions.

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions to meet the unique and specific business requirements of our clients, ensuring maximum satisfaction and effectiveness.

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Our commitment is to help our clients achieve their business objectives.
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