Hospitality Icons

By staying ahead of recruitment trends and designing innovative recruitment strategies, Resource Logistics, Inc. sources top hospitality talent for you.

We understand that hiring is a complex job. To simplify the process, we regularly review the application, interview, and onboarding processes from start to finish. Our swift processes enable you to hire talent in less than a week. Additionally, you only pay upon hiring.


From entry-level to executive level, whether for Short Term Hires, Long Term Hires, Contract, Contract-To-Permanent, or Permanent roles - as one of the largest hospitality talent sourcing organizations, Resource Logistics, Inc. provides solutions across the hospitality industry.

We find the perfect fit for you, be it management, front-line staff, culinary professionals, housekeeping, customer service representatives, and more

Our talented candidates possess exceptional skills to serve across various establishments including :
  • Casinos
  • Events
  • Food Service
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants

So, become a hospitality icon with Resource Logistics, Inc. Our featured jobs highlight the best talent in the industry, ensuring your hospitality business is staffed with excellence.


Industry Elegance

A gaze into the hospitality industry and you see massive transformations redefining recruitment trends.

One significant change is the shrinking of the workforce in the hospitality industry. A trend that took a leap during the Great Resignation era. Open positions often receive few applications, and many candidates lack specialized skills.

However, our team excels in sourcing the best talent for you. With an AI-enabled candidate sourcing tool, we tap passive candidates with the right experience for the specific roles you are looking for.

By utilizing SMS, virtual interviews, and automated communication, our candidates stay engaged and updated throughout the process. Thereby reducing the chance of them abandoning applications mid-way or ghosting your interviews.

We design assessment tools tailored to meet your organization’s visions and values. In addition to assessing skills and experience, we also identify candidates based on their passion, determination, and outlook to succeed in the role.

Our talent pool is teeming with Gen Z. So, if you are looking for someone with fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to learn and grow within your organization, then your search ends here. Resource Logistics, Inc. meets your expectations and you meet the right match for your organization.

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Our commitment is to help our clients achieve their business objectives.
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